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MechanicsJorge Silva, owner/operator of JRS Automotive Inc. is a Red Seal Certified Mechanic who thrives on helping car owners dispel the fears and myths the auto repair industry is wrought with.

His time working for, and dealing with, large auto repair shops and dealerships left Jorge with a mission he is passionate about; to offer transparency and honesty in an industry known for unnecessary upsells, smoke and mirrors.

Over his 25 years as a Red Seal Mechanic, Jorge has now developed and earned a reputation for honest service and stands for educating his clients so they can make informed choices. His clients are loyal and are the type of people who appreciate the time Jorge takes to help them understand the basics of what is happening with their automotive investment and how to care for it.

Jorge has a hankering for 1950?s-style service, when times were simpler and people knew each other and who they did business with. Part of Jorge's mission is to bring that 50?s attitude into the 21st century and become an ambassador for face-to-face personal service... like they used to. Stop in or give us a call at 587-352-4982 to let us know how we can help you!

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